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About Us

IRE (Rehabilitation Institute of Istanbul) founded in 2011, after Ummuhan Erkoc decided to go back to her home country due to the huge need of  REHABILITATION PROFESSIONALS; especially the need of  Speech and Language Pathologists in Turkey.

After having her masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachausets,USA, Ümmühan Erkoç, legally worked in New York, (at Bilinguals Inc.) as a Speech and Language Pathologist. After having this Professional experience, Ummuhan Erkoc obtained her New York State Licence to be able to work in New York and also obtained her Clinical Competency Certification (CCC) from ASHA (American Speech- Language- Hearing Association). After having 5,5 year-long Theoretical and Practical & Professional experiences in America, Ümmühan Erkoç came back to her home country, and founded IRE-  (Rehabilitation Institute of Istanbul) to be able to provide rehabilitation services in Turkey following American Standards. 

We believe our patients are unique individuals and tailor therapy for them. We are dedicated in providing parents and caregivers with consistent support and education in order for your child to carryover skills targeted in therapy to all aspects of their lives. We believe in a team approach and in doing so, incorporate other professionals (i.e., doctors, teachers, school staff) as needed. Confidentiality is important to us. All information and records about you and your child are shared with third parties such as medical doctors and teachers only with your written consent.

IRE, a privately owned clinic, works with children,  and their families AND WITH ALSO ADULTS.

Our Mission

Our core values are hope, compassion, discovery, collaboration and commitment to excellence and are the foundation for how we advance the ability of the people we serve.