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Our Services

Speech Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy is the care, support and treatment for children and adults who have communication difficulties occurred by medical conditions.

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Prompt Technique

The PROMPT technique is a tactile-kinesthetic approach which uses touch cues and develops motor control and proper oral muscular movements.

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Early Intervention Services

Earlier the intervention begins, the better the prospect your child has of overcoming their difficulties.

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Carbon Verbal Behavior, Floortime, ABA etc.

Verbal Behavior Therapy motivates a child, adolescent or adult to learn language by connecting words with their purposes. (Pls. Click for Details)

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Psycho-development Assesment and Therapy

This assessment provides an in-depth exploration of a child’s strengths and weaknesses compared with their peers, allowing parents to gauge their child’s development.

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Family Guidance

Parents or caregivers are informed about the each session plans and about the session performance of the children/ adults. We educate parents and give homeworks for a better progress.

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Play Groups

Through our playgroups, children are encouraged to achieve the highest level of physical, social and communicative independence possible. Play groups are organized by the number, age and skill level of interested children.

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Parent Support Groups

Parents or care givers’ need for support and training is essential during the process. We offer family support groups to help them better understand and respond to ongoing speech therapy.

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Ümmühan Erkoç
Ümmühan Erkoç

Ummuhan Erkoc, M.S., CCC- SLP
Speech and Language Pathologist (New York State Licensed)
M.S.: Northeastern University, Boston, USA
Ummuhan Erkoc founded IRE Speech Therapy Center in 2011, after decided to go back to her home contry due to the huge need of REHABILITATION PROFESSIONALS; especially the need of Speech and Language Pathologists in Turkey. She is the Speech Pathologist and owner & director of The IRE Speech Therapy Center, a privately owned clinic, works with children, with their families and with adolescents & adults in Istanbul, Turkey.

With the power of communication, let’s connect to life together!


Evaluation Session

The initial visit will take approximately 60-90 minutes. Our team coordinator Ümmühan Erkoç, participates in all the evalution sessions.


Treatment Program

After the evalution session, we give a statement detailing a child’s receptive and expressive language difficulties and the help that will be given. We are giving a treatment plan and set a weekly therapy program private to individuals needs and according to parents willings.


Treatment Sessions

We apply traditional treatment methods combining with scientific and popular, new treatment methods which are used in US and in other developed countries.


Family Training

We give information after the each session. Parents or caregivers are informed about the each session plans and about the session performance of the children/ adults. We give homeworks for a better progress and educate parents about how to support their children’s play and learning.